Family Law

The practice of family law consists of pre-marital and post-nuptial agreements, legal separations, divorces, child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, property division (even among live-in partners), restraining orders, enforcement of orders, same-sex dissolutions, and much much more.

Family law is complex. The law requires full disclosure of assets and debts, settlement discussions prior to going to court except in those rare cases when such discussions would create an imminent threat, and that the parties and court keep the interests of the children foremost. Court procedures vary from court to court, county to county. No one courtroom, nor one county, have the exact same requirements and procedures.

I believe in educating you, keeping you apprised of the events in your case, including you in strategic discussions and teaching you what you need to know. I work hard for my clients and with my clients.



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